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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules    Fri May 06, 2016 10:15 pm

Welcome to Shinobi Beginnings

On behalf of the staff, Welcome all members and guests to the shinobi world. We want everyone to feel right at home and for all of you to know that the staff is here to help all of you in every way we can. Here will be the basics of the site, no intense details on how it all works just your everyday do's and do not's.

Rule 1: Spamming, don't post back to back doing just ridiculous non-sense things. Also included here, is make sure your not posting purposefully in the incorrect area's.

Rule 2: Incorrect Advertising, If you have a site we welcome a site to site friendship. The thing we wanna make understood here is that we want all advertisements in the advertisement area.

Rule 3: Killing off Your Character, If you are feeling lost, or you are tired of that character you are allowed to kill them off. But it will come with a penalty. If you are of the higher ranks such as B ranked and up, and you commit suicide. You and your new character idea will be denied a rank higher than the one you just had and will have to start two ranks lower than the Dead Character.

Rule 4: Using Jutsu, During fights people tend to have different ways to describe their techniques and how they are used. As a way for Mods, if needed, to check the usage of chakra and any miss usages we ask that everyone post their used Jutsu in a spoiler at the bottom of your post. Please and thank you.

Rule 5: Respect Each Other, Everyone deserves a level of respect, we ask that everyone use respect with each other. So if you have an issue talk to a staff member, that being said we will do what we can to help out.

Rule 5: Chatbox, The Chatbox is a privilege given to the members for a faster way to communicate with the other users of the site. Please do not abuse it by posting nasty pictures, disgusting comments, being rude, mean, or vulgar.

Rule 6: Life and Death, Characters Applications must be looked over and approved by Two Staff members of the site. If you have not gotten two you can not Roleplay until then. Deaths will also be looked over before the final verdict is called. Staff will look for any GodMod and such and will Void if they see fit.

Rule 7: Alt Characters, Canon does not exist in this world, but that does not stop you from being a similar version of a canon character, we encourage Originality. Also You are allowed to have 4 characters per person. Alts can be a maximum of 2 Ranks lower than the lowest or lower.

Rule 8: 48 Hour, This is simply to state that in 48 hours if the player does not post and hasn't given anyone a reason, you may proceed. This means if you are attempting to stab someone and they are skipped due to this rule the stab is a hit.

Rule 9: Topics, There are two types of topics: Current, the topics that flow with the timeline. And Flashback, which occurred in the past, these can be in other villages at different times. You may only have a total of 3 topics at once, current must be in the same village/area, while flashbacks can be anywhere.

Rule 10: Roleplaying, please try to not do one liners, we would like you to at least get 100 words. This is more of a request, but that is not a opportunity for you to squirm through.

Rule 11: Ryo, all people start with 1,000 Ryo no exceptions.

Rule 12:  Advertisements are to be put only in the advertising area. Anyone advertising via pm or chatbox will be wared after two warnings will result in an IP Ban from the site.
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General Rules
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