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 Creation Rebirth and Strength of a Hundred Seal [Limited]

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Kin Hayata
Kin Hayata

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The Ninja
Specialties: Ninjutsu, Medical , Barrier, Genjutsu
Elements: Wind, Lightning , Earth

PostSubject: Creation Rebirth and Strength of a Hundred Seal [Limited]   Thu May 26, 2016 6:34 pm

Name: Creation Rebirth 

Rank: S 

Element: None 

Specialties: Ninjutsu, Medical

Requirements: Must Claim on Limited List 

Description: The absolute pinnacle of medical ninjutsu, created by the greatest of medical ninja,it is the ultimate regeneration technique. By releasing the great volume of chakra stored in her forehead at once, the body's cell division is forcibly stimulated by proteins, reconstructing all organs and all tissues making up the human body. The technique itself does not regenerate the old cells, rather it hastens the creation of new ones through division. If this technique is used, a body whose vital organs are so gravely injured that it cannot bear it any longer will be instantly restored to its uninjured state. Some claim, as long as there is  chakra it is impossible for the user to die by any means, as such they gains a form of "immortality" throughout the duration of the technique.
However,a bodies cells can only split so many times in  a life time  and by speeding up this process, users of this technique are basically shortening their natural lifespan
Half Released:
By partially releasing the seal, the user can heal all wounds afflicting them, even to the point of repairing vital organs if done in quick enough succession. They must however hold the hand seal, with all wounds being healed that post regardless of severity. The greater the injury however, the more actions it uses up.

Deep cuts and slashes = 20 Chakra 
Missing limb = 40 Chakra
Fatal Injury = 50 Chakra

Complete  Release:
By releasing the seal fully your body goes into a constant state of recovery, being able to heal itself on auto, effectively making the user immortal. All injuries are healed as soon as they occur for the most part, limbs can be grown back along with internal organs. During the full release the user cannot be killed unless their head is cut off, they can survive being stabbed through the head and heart and function as if nothing happened even if a weapon remains inside it. The full release takes 50 chakra, and can be ended at any time, but once released it has to be reapplied with another 5,000 words of learning the jutsu.
A seal which is reputed to be the pinnacle of chakra control. 

Strength of a Hundred Seal 
By storing a vast amounts of chakra over an extended period of time into a specific point on their body — usually the forehead — the user creates this seal, which manifests in the form of a rhombus-like marking. Once the seal is formed, the user's already impressive chakra control allows them to perform techniques without any wasted energy. When released, the seal will either spread across the user's face or wrap around their entire body. The stored chakra is then released into their body, greatly amplifying the power of their techniques.It should be noted that once the seal is released, it will permanently remain in the center of the user's forehead, presumably so that the user can keep on benefiting from its effects.

Increase Chakra by 100 when released. 

Damage: -

Chakra: 100 initial Refer to description for more details 

Cooldown: Once per Topic 

Word Count: 4,000

Cannon or Custom: Cannon 

Specialty:Ninjutsul,Medical , Barrier, Genjutsu  
Element: Wind, Earth , Lightning
Health Pool: 300
Chakra Pool: 300
Armor Pool: 100 (Body)
Strength: 6
Speed 7
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Munakata Koshimaru
Munakata Koshimaru

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The Ninja
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PostSubject: Re: Creation Rebirth and Strength of a Hundred Seal [Limited]   Thu May 26, 2016 7:18 pm

So lonng as the injuries cost the same amount in both forms ...


Health: 300 | Chakra: 300 | Strength: 7 | Speed: 12
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Creation Rebirth and Strength of a Hundred Seal [Limited]
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