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 Miyo Mitsu

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PostSubject: Miyo Mitsu    Thu May 26, 2016 9:28 am

Miyo Mitsu

Basic Info

Birthdate: April 22
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Blood Type: O Positive
Height: 4'10
Weight: 105 lbs

Miyo is a naturally small girl in terms of body stature. Her body looks frail from an outside perspective, but is actually in decent shape for a girl of her age and size. She has short jet-black hair, dark skin, and deep magenta eyes.

In terms of style, Miyo is generally always seen in the same wardrobe which was made for her by her mother. Her hair is always accessorized with a small trinket. In addition to her hair accessories Miyo wears a gold choker, two golden bracelets, and two golden anklets. Due to these items being passed down from generation to generation in her family, she is likely to never be seen without them. Miyo wears a beige colored homemade dress that stops a little bit above the knee allowing for her to cool down in the summer time. If the temperature declines she is known to throw on a light jacket.

The Person


Miyo was born in the Land of the Rice Patties. To be more specific, she was born in place now known as Otogakure. From the start she was born into a grave situation with her village being created by a power hungry madman. To make matters worse, her father was the right hand man of this evil being. Growing up, Miyo had tried to feed herself lies about how her father was really a good man who was trying to make the best out of a horrible situation. It made perfect sense to her that her dad would ally with this murderer in order to keep her own family safe. It had to make sense. She couldn't let herself believe that her father willingly slaughtered innocent families for simply disagreeing with the warlord. As hard as she tried, the truth had it's way of popping up and revealing itself to her.

Her father was a powerful man, and growing up with him she rarely got to see a different side to him. A side that would make her believe that he could actually hold some light in his seemingly dark heart. The only instance that can be recalled by Miyo that gave her hope was her tenth birthday. It had been a rough few years prior, with her father being so busy and distant, so she hadn't expected anything big. Of course her mother would bake a cake, maybe even get her a gift, but with the amount of riots going on she wouldn't be able to go out and experience the day in the way she wanted to. Freedom was not a privilege that she was granted due to her fathers infamous position. Sadly, having her father home for her birthday wasn't a common privilege she experienced either. So the surprise on her face when her father walked through the door, in full armor, with a box in his arms was priceless.

At this point, she didn't even care about the present. Her father had cared enough to show up. That was enough for her. What was revealed in the box was something Miyo would treasure for the rest of her life. Inside were pieces of gold jewelry, each piece looked like it must have cost a fortune. Her father explained that this was a gift that was passed down from generation to generation among the woman in his family. A gift to remind them of their value to the world. A gift to remind them of how much they are loved. How much he loved his daughter. This was the first and final moment that Miyo had seen the good side to her dad.

The night that changed everything occurred two years after her tenth birthday. The war had been getting heated ever since a newcomer had arrived on the scene. He went by the name Shingen. Miyo's father had been trying to aid the warlord in finding ways to defeat this newcomer who had possessed a dangerous power within him. Through whispers around the home she had gathered information of the beast which was known as a Bjiuu. There had apparently been nine bjiuu in total, ten if you believed the more far fetched tales. Her father had been trying to locate one of these beasts in order to use against Shinjen in the war. However, in order to truly wield the beasts power, a host was needed.

After successfully tracking down the beast, her father made the ultimate decision and the ultimate betrayal. Knowing that it needed a proper host, and knowing the danger it could put him in if he was that host, he chose to contain the beast in the only person who still had a tiny bit of faith in him. His only child, Miyo. When her mother learned of this, she was furious. There wasn't much she could do in order to stop him, and she was quickly pushed aside. Miyo will never forget the moment her father dragged her away in desperation. Nor will she forget the feeling of having a ritual performed on her that allowed such a dangerous monster to possess her. The thing she wishes she could forget the most is the sight of her father lying bloody in front of her. Slain by the power of the beast he placed inside his daughter. Miyo's father may have been powerful, but he wasn't exactly the most adept at sealing techniques. In fact, if it wasn't for her mother completing the seal, Miyo would have died too

A few days after the incident, the announcement had been made that the Otokage had been slain by the newcomer Shingen. There was a new Otokage, and everyone rejoiced for the reign of tyranny was over. Everyone was happy. Miyo was not.

Forcing herself to push forward, Miyo enrolled in Ninja academy in order to become strong enough to protect herself and her mom since not even her own father was able to do that. Throughout her time at the academy, Miyo tried her best to ignore the voice of the monster inside of her. The monster that monster sounded eerily similar to her father.


Like most people in this complicated world, Miyo's personality has multiple facets to it. Starting off at the very most outer layer of her persona is the friendly face. Miyo has always been a very social person, making up for her fathers inherent rudeness to everyone they met. She is a born optimist, and always finds the bright side to things even when there really isn't one. When it comes to making friends and allowing others to feel comfortable, she has no problem. It's in her nature to try and help others when they need it the most, no matter what the cost or how taxing it may seem. This trait has garnered Miyo a good amount of friends, despite her familial relations.

Digging just a tiny bit deeper and one will find Miyo's free spirited self. Ever since she can remember, Miyo has had a great admiration for those who are not constrained by the expectations of others. The ability to be comfortable in your own skin and not have a care in the world is something that she strives for. This aspect of her personality is a recent development she has been able to obtain due to the change of times. Her curiosity of the world has been able to blossom, causing her to seek adventure at every turn. This can often times lead her into danger around the corners, but life without risk leads to no reward.

Looking past all of the positive traits and redeeming qualities lies a sad girl who has been damaged by the world. Trust, love, and forgiveness are three things that don't come easy to her. After being used as some pawn by her own father, she has a hard time trusting anyone. This won't stop her from brightening the day of a grieving civilian, but it will prevent her from accepting the help and aid of others without some caution. With the exception of her mother, Miyo hasn't been able to build bonds with other people since her father passed away and doesn't foresee it happening soon.

Another reason she acts this way is due to her inability to handle emotions. The honest truth is that she thinks with her heart more often than she does with her brain. She has been told time and time again that this could be her downfall in the ninja world, yet she can't seem to do anything about it. Her strategy to date has been to forbid herself from building any emotional connections beyond the superficial, and so far it has worked. The chances of it working when it comes down to the wire are viewed with doubt by many.

Lastly, one of the biggest contradictions that might make up Miyo's way of life is her dislike of violence. She is no stranger to fighting, or even seeing death, but she believes there is a line. A line of morality that should not be crossed unless it is imperative. She has made a personal vow to not kill another person unless the alternative option is disastrous.

- Nature. The fresh air, lively green trees, and bright blue sky have all been such a refreshing scene for Miyo. Whenever she feels down and out, she can always count on the beautiful experience that nature provides in order to cheer her up.

- Animals. If it were up to Miyo, she would have every animal within a twenty foot radius as her loyal companion. Unfortunately for her, she is not allowed to have a pet due to her kind mothers distaste of most animals.

- Underdogs. Who doesn't love an underdog?

- Ruthlessness. Though this is the way of a lot of ninja, Miyo believes that compassion is a much more powerful tool. She sees no purpose of those who have no concern for the feelings of others or believe the ends justify the means.

- Restraints. The feeling of being held back or being told you can't do something are really bothersome for Miyo. She doesn't like to put a limit on a persons capabilities.

-Bjiuu. This isn't something she would outwardly admit to, nor is it something that she despises, but these dangerous beasts make her uneasy. The power and destruction that they can and have caused leaves her a little scared. The fact that one is living within her is terrifying for her, and the thought that she could actually unleash that type of destruction is unthinkable. Miyo tries her hardest to ignore the fact that Isobu is taking shelter within her body, but ignorance can only last so long.

The Ninja

Rank: Genin
Affiliation: Otagakure
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Element: Water and Coral Release
Kekkei Genkai: None
Health Pool: 100
Chakra Pool: 100
Strength: 1
Speed: 4


Alternate Characters: None
Roleplay Sample:


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PostSubject: Re: Miyo Mitsu    Thu May 26, 2016 12:38 pm

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Miyo Mitsu
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