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 Izuna Nobunari

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Izuna Nobunari
Izuna Nobunari

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Izuna Nobunari

Izuna Nobunari Latest?cb=20140824090347
Basic Info

Birthdate: Aug 23rd
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Blood Type: AB+
Height: 6'0
'Weight: 174 lbs

Izuna is in every sense of the words wild child. The veteran Terumi member is a solid six foot four and weighs in at one hundred and seventy-four pounds. His physical characteristics are that of a primed shinobi who has been in the field for years. He is often seen wearing a yellow and dark blue skirt-like armor with a red waist ribbon that exposes the right side of his chest as well as his right shoulder, while at most times he will often wear his jounin issued flak jacket with black pants and blue sandals. Izuna has long and spiky blond hair that reaches down to his lower back and an alluring set of crimson red eyes that have an odd circular pattern.

The Person

Born of an illegitimate consummation between his father and some woman in which no one will get into at the moment, Izuna popped out of this woman in Kiri in August. Growing up Izuna never met nor heard from his father which made for quite the rebellious upbringing from him, though he never spoke out about it...or at all for that matter it wasn't that big of a deal.

Izuna started in the Academy along with most of his friends at the age of five, having a good time and training while still showing his competitive ways. He was in the many that had excelled in the class, not only due to his natural genius but because of the extra training and pushing himself to be better. At the age of seven he graduated at the top of his class along with his friends. The days after seemed bright for him as his continuation to rise to the top kept his team above most of the other teams. Over the course of three years the team had grew as a family, doing many of the things that friends would typically do.  At the age of twelve he underwent the Chuunin exams, and passed but had to fight one of his own friends in the process. As the two met in the finals of the chuunin exams, Izuna would not allow friendship to deter him from rising to the top, so in their fight he fought like he was fighting an enemy. Although he obtained the promotion he lost a valuable friend.

As a Chuunin, Izuna spent his somewhat silent time leading a group of genin from the academy as their teacher, most thinking the male had still refuse to talk go figure right? In reality he had gotten used to not talking even with the whole mute thing, he still had no reason to speak to anyone unless of course they just forced him to. During this point in his life, his mother had passed away due to an illness leaving himself as the sole owner of his family house, this making his silence deeper though he kept his composure at a minimum.

Jounin: After years of training and mission, the now twenty-two year oldhad finally became a jounin. During this time he spent his free time reading on the past of the village not for important reasons, but to simply learn what was done in the past. With his time leading teams being temporarily over, he spent more of it reading and staying around the village gates as a guard.

Izuna at times can be abrasive, rash and quick to shrug people off which comes from his aptitude for being a loner and a hermit. Though underneath his tough exterior lies a caring being who wants to help people or at least try. Under normal situations he is more of a listener than a talker, waiting for those who are speaking to finish before chiming in and offering his two ryo or not saying anything at all so he can concentrate on the issue at hand. Being one who has no issue dealing with challenges or puzzles, he tends to lock himself away before finding out the solution hours later. Being one who likes to fight in the back, he likes to find the biggest advantages in an area before going through with his set up and helping his partners.

- Spicy Food
- Swimming
- Hot Places
- Disappointments
- Cats
- Kids

The Ninja

Rank: Jounin
Affiliation: Kirigakure
Specialty: Ninjutsu, Fuuinjutsu, Genjutsu
Element: Katon, Suiton (Futton)
Kekkei Genkai: Terumi
Health Pool: 200
Chakra Pool: 200
Strength: 5
Speed: 8


Alternate Characters:
Roleplay Sample:

The sun had slowly been rising above the compound of the Hyuuga Clan in the north, most members of the clan being idly asleep or preparing for a long day of training, trading or commencing of their daily tasks and jobs. The sound of cicadas slowly filled the air around the clan home like an early alarm clock, the small sound of their clicking and singing made the area seem more peaceful than one might have thought but the early morning feeling was something the clan never wanted to miss. In the low breeze of the wind their infamous clan banner waved, showing off the clan's treasured Eight Trigrams which each member of the clan wore with pride and honor on the daily basis. Past the buildings that the other clan members slept in laid the Main house compound where the head family lived and slept, but in the center of this compound laid the room of the clan leader, Reishin Hyuuga. From his own balcony that out looked out the entire compound he slowly stared at the rising sun and his clan as he looked at the many people starting to move about. Why he was up this early was an easy yet interesting reason which only led to the answer of him wanting to do the best thing in the early morning- train. The golden pair of eyes continued to look forward upon his compound with a brightened expression just like the sun shining down on them before he slowly backed away into the darkened recesses of his room. Being only the temporary remains of the light, he would clap his hands together which would create a loud echo throughout the room until four torches that sat in each corner of the room lit up,” Time to get started,” as the final torch lit up the room a single lantern would illuminate the room from the top of the ceiling causing the treasures and full detail of the room to be seen.

The half-dressed leader made haste to get dressed so that the training area would be ripe and ready before the sun had fully revealed itself to the world, grabbing his chest plate and jacket he would throw the two of them on like it was second nature before making sure everything was in order. From head to toe he was ready for this day to begin which he even went as far as to grab the heirloom left to him, the Heavens Fist, and sliding them on and running at the balcony in a free fall. The room being only three stories up would be a minor jump for him as he had done this on the daily basis to start his training routine. Within seconds his feet had touched the ground causing a loud crash to echo through the Main Branch courtyard which of course had woken up quite a few of the members currently asleep. The commotion caused a few of them to open the windows of the room to see their leader standing in a small crater he had created himself before waving him off as he took off towards the small section of forest that the clan had designated as a “training area.” Reishin from the moment he made it to the woods began to stretch out his body, starting with the arms and the still resting muscles in there, moving his left and right arms in complete circles before bending down and touching his toes to fully stretch out not only his back, but also his legs as well. With the full cycle of stretching complete, his hood would slowly envelope the top of his head, hiding his hair and face from the world as he slowly squatted and took off into the woods.

From the moment he began to run his path was already set, making a sharp turn left he would jump into the air and rebound off of the tall tree , his right foot springing him forward as he touched the ground and rolled before springing upwards and continuing his run. The path in front of him would take him to the obstacle course portion of the forest that was compete with swinging longs, bamboo poles (for balance of course) and at the end of the course was a waterfall where one could relax under the water. The smile brimming on the face of Reishin only continued as he ran past the starting point of the course and the fun would begin. From the moment he stepped forward the sensors placed in charge of the course made the whole area come to life, logs that were at least ten meters wide begun to swing back and forth in forwards and reverse motions causing the rhythm of each to be different. The challenge was on and the challenge today was to beat his own score of a minute and fifty seconds. The course proved to best him only this once as he crossed the finish line at a time of two minutes and five seconds, which was told to him by the Hyuuga sensor at the end of the course. The small window of time made him grumble a bit, mostly because of the new addition of the shifting bamboo pit which was designed to test one’s balance, was also included with a new long feature. With the conclusion of the run being over, the last thing to do was to meditate over the current happenings of the clan itself and to strengthen his body more with the help of the currents of the waterfall.

Slowly he removed the chest plate and jacket that covered the portions of his chest, revealing not only the eight trigrams he had on his back, but also the trigram of heaven sitting on the left of his forearm. Slowly he jumped from rock to rock before landing in the middle or rather the back of the waterfall where he slowly made his way through the pressing waves and sat down. The bitter cold sting of the water crashed down on his back and he would immediately sit up straight as he exhaled slowly and begun to meditate. Within the silence he would begin to enter a state of meditation as he left the world behind and only focused on the matters in front of him. Minutes passed as his body remained still, the water no longer holding its cold embrace as it drenched his body and continued to fall not only around him, but swallowing him as well. What would come from the meditation was yet to be seen as he continued to sit unless fate itself had other plans for him.

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Izuna Nobunari
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