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 Mission Rules/Template

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PostSubject: Mission Rules/Template   Wed May 25, 2016 5:08 pm

Mission Rules:

Missions ranks are D-Rank, C-Rank, B-Rank, A-Rank, and S-Rank, the reason that E-Rank don't exist is because Academy Students are not able to do missions as they are not considered ninja till ascending to Genin. For each mission done regardless of rank, the corresponding village gains 500 Ryo. As the chain would be client pays village, village pays ninja. User gains pay below, Village just gets 500.

Pay for missions:

D-Rank: 100
C-Rank: 500
B-Rank: 1,000
A-Rank: 1,500
S-Rank: 2,000

Word Count for Missions:

D-Rank: 500
C-Rank: 1,000
B-Rank: 1,500
A-Rank: 2,000
S-Rank: 2,500

Rank Requirements:

*At Least - Also Missing Ninja Counterparts*

D-Rank: Genin
C-Rank: Chunin/3 Genin
B-Rank: Jounin/2 Chunin
A-Rank: Anbu/Jounin
S-Rank: 2 Anbu/Kage

Name: (Mission name?)
Rank: (What rank is this mission?)
Description: (What is it for? What needs to be done?)

Pay: (Ryo Gained)
Wordcount: (Wordcount needed?)
Village: (What village is the mission for?)

[center][b]Name:[/b] (Mission name?)
[b]Rank:[/b] (What rank is this mission?)
[b]Description:[/b] (What is it for? What needs to be done?)

[b]Pay:[/b] (Ryo Gained)
[b]Wordcount:[/b] (Wordcount needed?)
[b]Village:[/b] (What village is the mission for?)[/center]


Heatlh: 300
Chakra: 300

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Mission Rules/Template
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