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The Ninja

PostSubject: Warping   Sun May 22, 2016 5:40 pm

Name: Warping

Rank: B-Rank

Element: Non-Elemental

Specialties: Space-Time Ninjutsu

Requirements: Learn from Naraku

Description: This jutsu is a creation of Naraku, it allows him to move from one location to the other by instantly disintegrating visually and then reappearing in a new location. This Jutsu could be used to instantly travel to new locations, also it allows for movement around a battlefield. The jutsu can be used 3 times without a cooldown, however it requires 2 posts to cooldown for each time it was used. The user can use it once and wait 2 posts to allow them to use it 3 times again. Naraku can warp with someone if he is making contact with them, his max is only 2 people at a time.

Damage: 0

Chakra: 20 per use

Cooldown: 2 per use

Word Count: 2,000 words

Cannon or Custom: Custom


Heatlh: 300
Chakra: 300


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Kin Hayata

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The Ninja
Specialties: Ninjutsu, Medical , Barrier, Genjutsu
Elements: Wind, Lightning , Earth

PostSubject: Re: Warping   Sun May 22, 2016 6:34 pm


Specialty:Ninjutsul,Medical , Barrier, Genjutsu  
Element: Wind, Earth , Lightning
Health Pool: 300
Chakra Pool: 300
Armor Pool: 100 (Body)
Strength: 6
Speed 7
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