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 Neko's trash [plot page, character census]

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Neko's trash [plot page, character census] Empty
PostSubject: Neko's trash [plot page, character census]   Neko's trash [plot page, character census] EmptySun May 22, 2016 6:06 am

Yuuta Monokuro. Chiaki is his ANBU code name. Part of the Monokuro clan. User of the clan's Dojutsu. Managed to go from being one of the black sheep of the family to being favored by the elders. He's good with words, and even better at staying quiet. Works mostly for his own sake, but makes it look like he actually cares for Kirigakure. Lives for the sole purpose of living and has no ambitions in life, thus is easily interested in people who aspire to break the rules of the world.

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Neko's trash [plot page, character census]
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