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 Natsume, Sei

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PostSubject: Natsume, Sei   Sat May 21, 2016 6:22 pm

Sei Natsume
I give water to the trees that shatter my stars. I give love to the roses that shatter my feelings. As long as you can smile now, I don't need anything anymore. While watching the sun sinking into the desert, I reminisce about your shadow surrounded by the wind. Then, I make a wish to the stars, "Please, cast your magic once more."
Voice Sample


CV: Kaji Yuuki
male • 22 • no clan
He was born with elegant characteristics. and while he showcases some of them (eg. black and red eyeliner to compliment his eyes), others he leaves to their own fate (eg. unevenly cut hair). Unlike other males his age, he possesses a pale skin tone (he spends half his time inside, away from the sun) and somewhat sharp features, but not sharp enough to dismiss the feminine tone they give off. sei prefers to have multiple things he likes on him, even if they don't match up with each other all that well. He loves eye-catching colors, and thus combines them into his baggy and comfortable style of clothing, usually along with gold trims. His eyes are a light blue, and his hair a dark blue color. He stands at 170cm and weighs 55 kg. As far as his physique goes, most of the time it's almost impossible to tell his body type under his clothes, but he has a very light muscle built and is also pretty thin for his height. Since he doesn't use his body during work as much as others, he doesn't mind the lack of excessive muscle on him and doesn't strive to train for it.

fc: mikazuki munechika - touken randu
Unlike his tastes in clothing, sei is more of a passive person than anything else. he prefers the sidelines and tries his best to avoid spotlight. It's not that he's quiet or introverted (quite the opposite), he just lives for the good of others, and that usually means giving them all the available attention, by redirecting it from himself to them. He's a very welcoming person, and although he might seem a bit distant at first, it's too easy to get familiar with him.

He's a very caring and protective person even to strangers, more so to people who are close to him. And although secretly he would love to bash a person's head in if they insulted his loved ones, he will never resort to violence -mainly because he knows he won't stand a chance against anyone who isn't a defenseless baby-. There are limits to what he can do, but he will be as dependable as he can if someone requires it. He will a shoulder to lean on, an ear who listens and a box to lock away secrets in.

And while all that paints him as a strong and steady person, in reality he's more timid than he presents himself to be. The reason he will help an injured person or the reason he will advise against a daring situation isn't only because he's so caring and mature, but also because he's afraid of the consequences that will befall him if he does otherwise. Of course that somewhat selfish part of him isn't something he showcases, but sometimes it does come out when he's too flustered.
e rank • citizen • sunagakure
Being born in the premises of a hidden village, one would expect the child of a ninja couple to go down his parents' path. But, alas, fate played its cards differently, and the small and timid child called Sei did not attend the ninja academy, nor did he ever harvest his potential as a ninja in any way. It wasn't -only- his fault. His parents were protective people, and seeing their child at the rear end of his friends' group, being the one the others defended than being the one at the front, fighting, they kept saying "next year" with a tone of uneasiness in their voice. Until "next year" became Sei's fifteenth birthday, and it was already too late for him (maybe it wasn't too late, but everyone seemed to want to believe that, so it stuck). The boy himself didn't have a problem with his situation. He never really liked fighting in the first place, and didn't find any sort of motivation to dedicate his whole life in something he avoided as much as he could in his daily life.

A fifteen year old boy now, with no ninja training whatsoever, turned to other fields of occupation. He tried several jobs (going as far as a medical assistant), but nothing really clicked for him. It might have been due to his parents and friends telling him how every single one of his choices were too dangerous for him, but then again, he had learnt over the years to pay little attention to them when it came to his "safety".

It was only when he became twenty that he came up with the idea of starting his own business. The nature of the business itself came easily to him. A bathhouse in Sunagakure. Due to the natural heat of the environment, there were no bathhouses at all in Suna. But the heat didn't seem to hold Sei back. So he built his business, with his parents' help. He didn't expect much from it at first. But again, fate broke the standards for him, and his bathhouse was soon swarming with people. He wasn't sure if it was the cold baths he'd added, or the small restaurant that occasionally offered free meals to good customers; whatever it was, it was working, and that was all Sei cared about.
His bathhouse is called Okumata and it offers not only hot baths, but also cold ones. It has a second floor, on which a restaurant is active and run by Sei and the bathhouse employees.

For no reason at all, people come to Sei and gossip about everything and everyone, although he himself does not take part in it, but rather just listens. Of course he keeps whatever people tell him to himself.

He's a well known person in Sunagakure, mostly for his bathhouse, but also for his flashy clothing style.
rp sample
Gen's eyes moved and Sei followed them decisively. He was doing that thing again. When they were younger, Sei called it the Roll of Death -in his head, that is; he would never suggest such a ridiculous thing aloud- and had always tried to follow it like a child determined to outrun a  horse. That one gesture gave him more than the simple "I'm okay" he had asked for. The taller man slowly got his colors back in Sei's eyes. The colors of the young shinobi he had met in Konohagakure, who had been his so called bodyguard, who was actually more fun than most took him to be. He felt shoulders relaxing and was surprised that they were tense in the first place.

A breath of a laughter escaped him before Gen pretended to lose the merry glimmer of his face. His own eyes didn't change at all. The other's attempt to worry him was merely another reminder that Sei wasn't the only one clinging onto those little childish habits of the past. "Well," he said while swaying a bit to the side and raising his chest up slightly, "you traveled an awfully long way, so I am obliged to do the best I can to cure your, ah, almost decapitated leg." He'd gotten rusty and he showed it through an apologetic look before laughing it off with one of those loud laughs he kept hidden in a box inside him. Anything loud was too risky in front of customers. Gen wasn't a customer. He was one of the few tall trees Sei could rest under without caring if the leaves would fall off. They wouldn't. At least he hoped they wouldn't.

A glow of blue and black held him back from replying to Gen, and he now found himself under the shade of a second sturdy tree. He could only laugh even more at the turn of events. Whatever prayer he had unconsciously made to whatever god to rid him of the stiffness of his work had been miraculously answered, and he would not even question it. The oh so familiar greeting of the woman was returned in an equal manner, before he put a steady hand on her shoulder and smiled his brightest smile. "It's quite alright," his eyes traveled briefly to Gen's with a tint of playfulness and the returned  back to Nana, his arm now resting on his side again. "Why don't we go inside? As much as I enjoy the moonlight, I am famished," he exclaimed almost theatrically, his illusionary flawlessness slowly giving way to something more approachable, if not weaker.

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PostSubject: Re: Natsume, Sei   Sat May 21, 2016 6:39 pm


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Natsume, Sei
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