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 Munakata Koshimaru

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Munakata Koshimaru

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PostSubject: Munakata Koshimaru   Fri May 20, 2016 9:36 pm

~Koshimaru no Munakata~


Basic Info

Birthdate: October 31st
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Blood Type: B
Height: 6'6
Weight: 211 lbs
Appearance: Munakata is a man of above average height, standing at six feet and six inches. He weighs in at 211 pounds, which due to not only his height but also due to having some muscle mass. Upon his head sits a orange mass of short and spiky hair. He has bushy, orange eyebrows and a jewel he wears in the middle of his forehead. His eyes are a very faint red in color. Clothing-wise, he mostly wears a brown sleeveless tunic with loose pants. His boots are light-weight and are made so that his feet can remain cool for long periods of time in the hot deserts of the Kaze no Kuni. He wears leather, fingerless gloves designed with shiny yet commonly found gems. Perhaps his most prominent feature is his large, beak-like nose.

The Person

Background: The desert has always been a harsh. If not for the blistering day and frigid nights, if not for the venomous animals or the lack of water, then it was for the people who lived and tranversed the smoldering sand. At first, there was no large village that was the hub of the wasteland. Oh no. At first there were numerous shantytowns. Small villages who lived for themselves and no one else. Thus, it didn't take long for conflict to break out. Small wars over water, food, clothing, even slightly better land. Death was quite common and it wasn't so rare to find a ghost town that still had fresh food and supplies. Thus, for those of a more nomadic lifestyle, it was quite common to set-up temporary settlements in-which they sell their wares before packing up and moving on to another hotspot. This was how life was to Koshimaru no Munakata, son to Koshimaru no Minakata. Minakata was one of the more rich merchants in the Kaze no Kuni. Either through smuggling, traveling, or just his silver tongue he managed to amass a large amount of wealth. While not having any real home, due to being a merchant, his tent was often decorated with his various possessions. Tribal and arcane masks. Luxurious gemstones. Dust-covered books and scrolls. Anything that was even remotely interesting, Minakata had. Thus, one can imagine how well-known Minakata was among those of the adventurous type. Though popular, many did not know that he bore a single son. Indeed, Minakata himself played him off as a young servant or assistant. Despite this, Munakata was his biological son, given to him by some village chieftain's daughter. Minakata did not like the young boy. He saw him as a obstacle to his gains. Thus, he showed no love to the boy. Rather, he treated him as if he were a servant, ordering him around and such. Though lacking parental love, Munakata did not grow up alone and depressed. The caravan that his father rode with saw the treatment he was getting and, naturally, cared for the young boy. Under their watchful eye, Munakata learned about the desert and the world around him. He learned how to use a blade, how to fight, how to talk his way out of trouble, and even how to read. At about the ripe age of 12, Munakata was already acquiring his own goods and was selling them on his own. A prodigy at bartering, it wasn't long until he earned the ire of his father,

Minakata, who was slowly losing profits. The two began to butt-heads, arguing and even resorting to physical violence on numerous occasions, only to be broken up by the other members of the caravan. This became the norm for the next four years. Arguments, fighting, and even the unsheathing of weapons. Finally on one faithful day, 16 year old Munakata had enough. Within the night he sneaked about, gather his possessions, goods, and even a few books and maps from his father as he slept before leaving into the night. For weeks he stayed alone his tent, hunting animals for food, using cactuses as his water source. The entire time he was following a treasure map he stole from his father. "The Treasure of Take-Mikazuchi", it was called, telling of a vast quantity of gems and gold somewhere deep within the sand, supposedly left by the god Mikazuchi.
The young man searched and searched, but to no avail. Eventually his resources were exhausted and Munakata himself was wasting away. With no more hope he simply laid there in the desert. Waiting for darkness to over his sight. It did, eventually, though it did not last long. When he reopened his eyes, Munakata found himself within a hospital. He was being healed and fed. Confused yet exhausted, it took him a total of five days for him to finally find out that he was within Sunagakure no Sato, The Village Hidden in the Sand. He had heard of the place before, but never has visited it before. Though he has heard stories about the man they called "Kazekage", and of his might which allowed him to unite most of the Kaze no Kuni. Amazed at the village, he began exploring the moment he was allowed to leave. He was soon captured, however, by two shinobi and was taken to a private location. Once there, they explained to him the current situation. He was found outside the village and was taken in and the Kazekage, after some consideration, decided to make him a member of his ninja force. Munakata, not having a place to go, agreed. At age 17, he was training extensively to perfect his skills. Due to his already large intellect and efficient skills which he gained from his childhood, he quickly went through the ranks. He was given mission after mission, which each being done with no complaints. Munkata hadn't even seen the man and yet he felt it was his duty to serve him. That is, until several years later.

The Kazekage was found murdered outside of the village walls. There was no signs of him being forced out, suggesting that he was possibly out for a stroll to ease his mind. Shellshocked by the lose, the village grew into a panic. It was then that Munakata saw promise. Using his unique use of words (along with a few gems here and there), Munakata managed to appease the Council and, through them, was appointed as the new Kazekage. With this new power, Munakata knew he had to look out for these people more than ever before. He was willing to take such a burden.

Adventurous | Athletic | Calm | Brave | Daring | Disciplined | Dutiful | Hardworking | Analytic | Leaderly | Realistic | Solid | Steadfast | Tolerant | Teacherly | Ambitious | Competitive | Questioning | Violent | Brutal | Forgetful |  Irritable | Greedy | Wishful | Mocking

- Fighting: Munakata normally up for a good spar, even more so for a bounty hunting mission. Especially if the criminal is a threat to his people.
- Treasure: Perhaps it's because he was raised as a merchant. Nonetheless, Munakata is very much interested in hunting for treasure and the such, knowing just how valuable it is.
- Intelligence: Though he may not seem like it, Munakata is actually quite smart and is always happy to speak with someone who is also intellectually sound.
- Peace: While he maybe a bit too eager fight and kill, Munakata nonetheless knows how important life is and is very willing to sacrifice himself for his people and allies.

- Onions: He hates the stuff.
- Ignorance: Just open a damn ain't that hard...
- Cowards: They usually manipulate others do things they cannot do for themselves. Plus they're annoying.
- Beans: He doesn't even know why, but he just dislikes them.

The Ninja

Rank: Kazekage
Affiliation: Sunagakure no Sato
Specialty: Taijutsu | Bukijutsu | Ninjutsu | Genjutsu
Element: Doton | Katon | Fūton
Kekkei Genkai: N/A
Health Pool: 300
Chakra Pool: 300
Strength: Level 7
Speed: Level 6


Alternate Characters: N/A

Roleplay Sample: The blistering heat of the sun came down onto the ocean of sand, heating it up and practically roasting anything that stayed in one place for too long. There was a breeze, though, it not do much to help cool the denizens of the desert. Silence covered the entire area. Due to this, the footsteps made by Munakata and his small squad seemed to sound much louder. The entire group was a mere six people when counting Munakata himself. They were on a diplomatic mission, which was mainly Munakata going to this tiny village in the desert and convince them to join Sunagakure. Considering how the people of the desert are, this was easier said than done. Knowing this, Munakata was already frowning as he continued onward, leading the group. Though he wore no robes of title or nobility, upon his head sat the hat of the Kazekage, denoting his rank and strength. Plus it helped keep the sun out of his eyes.

Within a few hours time, they managed to enter the small village. Munakata's squad, or rather, his guardsmen went in first. Their faces were concealed by masks and their bodies via ponchos. Swords were sheathed on their backs while kunai were kept in a pouch on their legs. They surrounded Munakata and, together, they walked. They very quickly earned stares from the denizens of the village. Some that of awe, some of anger, some that were just observing them before going back to their duties. Though watched, Munakata remained relaxed as he entered to main building of the village and began to climb the stairs. Within moments, he was face-to-face with the village leader. Munakata nodded to his guards, with four of them leaving and standing outside the door while one stayed in the room.

Thus, Munakata approached the man before him. Old, obese, sweaty, and....tired. He flashed a small smile at the man and got onto his knees and bowed, knowing he'd had to show respect if wanted any decent cooperation. "Thank you having me, Longma.." Munakata said before shifting into a cross-legged sit. "Now then....about the benefits of joining Sunagakure..."
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The Ninja

PostSubject: Re: Munakata Koshimaru   Fri May 20, 2016 10:28 pm



Heatlh: 300
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Munakata Koshimaru
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