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 Back to Otogakure from Konohagakure (Travel) (Complete.)

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Daniel Shingen

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PostSubject: Back to Otogakure from Konohagakure (Travel) (Complete.)   Tue May 17, 2016 6:51 pm

The Otokage smiled he was finally back in the Land of Rice Paddies he was going to get back too his village Otogakure had made a new ally with Konhagakure which pleased him greatly. Shigen saw civilians farming in the fields they smiled and waved at him today was going quite good. Thankfully he was back in the Land of Rice Paddies which meant that there was zero percent chance of him getting attacked. Shukaku shouted in his head yelling something about being bored but Shingen just tuned it out. Shingen smiled as he got into the forest during the night. Shingen then decided to stop for the night then leaned up against a tree to lazy to go and find firewood and start a fire. Then the morning came quickly the rays of life piercing the forests canopy. Annoyed and waking up rubbing his eyes the young Otokage stood up and glared at the sun, this annoyed him and continued to his destination. Shingen looked at the forest one of the bushes ruffled he threw a Kunai towards the bush a surprised squeak it was just a bunny, he looked at the bunny luckily he missed it, it was brown that was good mean it was a non domesticated bunny. Shingen then picked up the kunai putting it back in his pouch and he grinned sheepishly. The Bunny then hopped away back to the thick overgrowth of the woods. "Okay the Village entrance should be around this area some were but were exactly was the entrance". Then a Otogakure Shinobi appeared before him "Lord Otokage I knew this would happen every time you leave the Village this happens, now let me take you the Village Gates" the young Otogakure Chunin said. Their steps echoed in the impossibly quiet part of the forest that meant that they were getting very close to Otogakure since animal usually stayed far away from the Hidden Ninja Village. "I could have found the Village myself you know" the Otokage said to the Chunin. "No you wouldn't have if you kept going the path that you had been taking it would have taken at least 3 times as long Lord Otokage" the young man told the Otokage. The Otokage rubbed his hair sheepishly as they walked they both heard a snapping twig and thankfully it was just a deer passing by. "Hahaha that is second time today that I've been startled by an, animal are you Ok kiddo"? Shingen asked the young Chunin. The young Chunin Coughed embarrassedly because he was startled by the animal. "Well Lord Otokage we are finally here, and did the diplomatic trip to konoha go well?" the curious young Chunin asked, as the two of them walked to stairs that went down underground these were the gates of Otogakure. "Otogakure home sweet home well time to get back to work, that means you as well Chunin" the young Otokage smiled going back into leader mode. Time for him to get back to work the two Chunin pounded their shoulders as a salute to the Otokage as he entered the Village.

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Back to Otogakure from Konohagakure (Travel) (Complete.)
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