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The Ninja
Clan: Monokuro
Specialties: Ninjutsu, Bukijutsu, Taijutsu
Elements: Earth, Wind, Fire

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Basic Info

Name: Monokuro Yuuta [ものくろ 優太] [Last First]
Birthdate: November 3
Age: 27 [Twenty-Seven]
Gender: Male
Blood Type: B
Height: 187 cm | 6.2 ft
Weight: 72 kg | 158 lbs
Appearance: Yuu is a rather tall man, with tan skin, bright hot-pink hair and black eyes (when his Senmeigan is deactivated). Since his hair is pretty wild (+ he refuses to cut it to a reasonable length), he usually keeps it tied back, leaving a few loose strands on the sides, and bangs on the front. While he might not look it at first, he's actually well-built.

FC: INAZUMA ELEVEN - older!tsunami jousuke

The Person

Background: Being born in a long-going bloodline of Shinobi isn't an easy feat. Being born in the Monokuro clan just made it worse. Being born with the clan's Dōjutsu? It was the cherry on top of every other misfortune Yuuta was born into. Lately he's been having these weird urges to just run from things, and he knows where the blame for them falls.

The Monokuro clan do not go easy on their children. They are a clan based on honor, pride, and good name. Their Dōjutsu forced them into this mindset a long time ago, and now it has stuck and won't come off. Every clan member is expected to eventually be knows for their exemplary deeds throughout the community, if not the country, or even the world. There is no room for fault or weakness. The useless and tainted are thrown out.

Yuuta was raised in this harsh environment to become the best. Having the Senmeigan was only an excuse for everyone in his family to work him even harder. "You're already cursed, so you better not drag us down too." He grew up to believe he was a burden, and though a stubborn boy at first, he eventually yielded, more so for the guilt his clan had planted in him. He had to be the best. If not, he'd disgrace his clan, his family. He wasn't selfish enough not to care about such things, and thus he lowered his head and trained.

He trained privately at first. Before anything else, he had to learn to control his "curse". It wasn't an easy thing. It took him a few years to actually master it. By the age of 8, he could deactivate the Dōjutsu (almost with ease), and keep it that way for as long as he so desired, or was instructed to. It was one of many things he managed that put him on the good side of the family. During his training for the Dōjutsu's control, like all the Monokuro children who had it, he was also trained in martial and weaponry arts. He was taught how to defend and attack, how to manage his stamina and his speed, to the extend his lack of chakra allowed. He thrived in this field as well, but not more than he was expected to.

The rest of his childhood was invested in chakra control, and later actual jutsu. While he was privately trained, Yuuta was not allowed to leave the clan's premises. The only people he came in contact with were his parents, his teachers and his first cousins. The hard work he was put through though had already shaped him into an antisocial child-prodigy, resulting in fights with everyone around him. It was much later that he learnt that a little compassion was necessary for one's health. He even wants to forget about that stage nowadays, and hides it as if it was an embarrassing secret of his.

As planned and as expected, Yuuta developed into a strong Shinobi, with no actual aspirations whatsoever. That was also around the time Kirigakure was founded, thus granting Yuuta a purpose by default. It didn't take much to catch the First Mizukage's attention, and he was eventually put into the Anbu, under the code-name Chiaki. The young man had no interest or empathy for anything at all, thus making him one of the best at the job. He only watched as the First Mizukage's reign ended abruptly, and another took his position. He would still continue to just quietly follow the flow of the Shinobi community, but the new Mizukage's aspirations actually managed to get his interest, though the grip is currently still quite loose.

Personality: Yuuta was never too individualistic. He had a strong sense of protection for those around him, even if they didn't need protection in the first place. They didn't have be close to him. Caring for them came naturally to him, like the instinct to walk or to talk. As a small child, he had the freedom to express this sense of protection, even if it just came off as a childish possessiveness. With time though, and with everyone around him slowly distancing themselves from him, it became more and more difficult for him to be caring and protective of others. He even came to duel on weather doing it was a good thing, or perhaps he was actually just possessive. Circumstances brought a switch, and where he used to feel for others, he now could only look out for and care for himself. It seemed to be the right thing to do, and though he still wanted to speak up for others, he kept it locked up inside him, thinking he was in no position to do such a thing.

This self protection has been carried with him along the years. He has developed into a man whose priorities are centered around himself. Fully aware of his position and his job though, he knows he can't fully protect himself while defying rules and orders, and thus will not do any of the two. Instead, he's not hesitant to voice out his opinion on matters such as missions that may cost serious injuries or even lives, supposedly to protect the team, but ultimately to protect his own life. He keeps his calm in all situations, assessing them before acting, making sure no mistakes are made. Unlike the rest of his clan, he does not hold honor that highly, and does not care for his own if it means surviving.

Of course he has matured, and with that he has realized that survival of one's physical self only is not, most of the time, good enough. Which makes his job even more difficult, since he sees a duty in protecting his allies, including himself. He doesn't complain about, and even feels inclined to do it by instinct (although he'd never admit it), but he doesn't put them close to him anyway. If his allies were sure to die, he would not sacrifice himself in vein trying to protect them, or for the mere honor of the act.

And however distant or cold he might be during difficult situations, he doesn't carry that demeanor outside his job. He was taught that keeping up appearances was as important as anything else in life, and he follows that saying. He's a true gentleman, with good manners and a sense of style. He knows when to speak and when to keep his mouth shut; how to speak his way in and out of things and who to keep on his good side. Though somewhat fake, he still enjoys pretending.
- Silence
- Extremists
- The sound of rain
- Long hair
- Tormented things
- Injuries
- Hand-to-Hand combat
- Alcohol
- Snakes
- People who talk too much

The Ninja

Rank: Anbu
Affiliation: Kirigakure
Specialty: Ninjutsu, Bukijutsu, Taijutsu
Element: Earth, Wind, Fire
Kekkei Genkai: Senmeigan

Health Pool: 250
Chakra Pool: 250 [-50% when the Senmeigan is inactive]
Strength: 5
Speed: 6


Character Count: #01
Other Characters: [None]
Roleplay Sample: THEME - 819 WORDS

Long before the maiden of stars came down to earth and eventually ended the dreadfulness of wars, even if it was for a short period of time, the Monokuro were a name feared and respected throughout the land of water. They were warriors, they were assassins, they were all that thrived through wars and destruction. They served and sometimes betrayed, but their skills remained untainted. There wasn't a thing the Monokuro family feared. None made them tremble. And then one day, they lost. They lost to a thing they looked down upon and laughed.

The youngest daughter of the family, a lady of ladies, was being sent over to the nearby island to be married off to a rich lord. The family had to make connection, as was necessary for one to win in life. So they'd sent her on a ship, with a good fortune to accompany her. But alas, Ikuchi, the gigantic sea serpent, tangled its long self around the ship, sinking it to the depths of the sea, leaving nor daughter nor fortune behind. From then on the Monokuro taught their children to fear the sea and its monsters. It was all bed time stories, of course. Chiaki wasn't afraid of the sea. He used to be when he was a child; they all were. When his grandmother sat over them and told them of the great Ikuchi and "our poor princess" as she called her, they all gasped and cried, and they lay down on their beds and thought about the scary sea, falling into nightmares. And yet the nest day they asked for the tale again, as if the bad dreams weren't enough to satisfy them.

He'd never thought of it too much when he was younger. He saw now that they merely looked for a way out of the stillness of childhood in the Monokuro house. Something that didn't involve endless lessons on how to fight and how to act. Then, they were willing to sacrifice their peaceful sleep for it. Chiaki would never do that now. He'd never seek ways to have his nightmares follow him to sleep too. He got enough of them with his eyes open. But that wasn't what had made him remember those deem-lit nights in his childhood's bedroom.

He stared down at the dueling of the small sea waves through the slits of his mask. The ship was rocking against them, but not enough to keep the crew away from the railings. A few men were gathered around a lamp light, playing cards and drinking sake. The captain was inside, Chaki had checked, and so was the rest of his team. He was supposed to be on watch, but instead he'd quietly followed his footsteps as they'd taken him to the edge of the ship's left side. He knew there was nothing to be wary of. The drunks were drunks and those who didn't drink were easy enough to take on if anything happened. Nights of course were also hosts of different dangers, such as pirates. But they'd have nothing to rob, the ship showed that well. It was a quiet night, as quiet as a night could be at the sea.

And so Chiaki looked for a distraction in this dull place. Engaging in card games was not an option, the ship crew had made it clear that they didn't like "those masked bastards and their secrets". Unlike his teammates, he wasn't offended by the sharp comments. He'd only found them amusing and even laughed through the thickness of his mask, earning a few more hateful looks. Conversation was out of the question too obviously. So he'd kept to his thoughts, as he did a lot of times on missions, digging up things he'd locked up at the back of his head for future evaluation. One such was this exact tale, of the serpent and the Monokuro princess, and the fortune that had drowned with her.

He wasn't a princess, but he was of the Monokuro clan, and this was a ship at night, with an important destination and a mission to carry out, maybe even more important than that of the girl in the tale. There was no fortune carried on the ship though. He'd never payed attention to this little detail of the tale. Children didn't think highly of money. Often times they even forgot it existed. Yet now he couldn't help but wonder. What was the most important loss in the story? Was it really the little lady? Or was it the fortune that men make such a fuss over? What if this ship sunk? Would his family mourn for him? Would Kiri mourn for his team? Or would they count it as a loss of assets and move on? He smirked momentarily under the mask, his eyes leaving the sea to turn to the starless sky. This would be a long night.

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Posts : 18
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Location : In your pants.

The Ninja
Clan: Monokuro
Specialties: Ninjutsu, Bukijutsu, Taijutsu
Elements: Earth, Wind, Fire

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The Ninja

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Heatlh: 300
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